Webinar Recap: Cash Flow Crash Course from Start to Finish

Cash flow can make or break the success of your project. Mapping out a project’s cash flow on a week-by-week schedule allows you to see the gaps and solve for them in advance. Getting your project’s cash flow right starts by getting your bid right. Establishing the costs of your project, and the cost of running your business, is critical to estimating your bid. Finally, when you have the cash flow of every project estimated and scheduled, you have a solid foundation on which to build your business’s profitability.

CEO Scott Peper and Senior Commercial Underwriter Andrew Schwartz joined Michael Williams of Levelset for a complete crash course on setting up your cash flow to get the work done AND make a profit.

  • The difference between margin and markup, and how much you’re REALLY making
  • How to accurately estimate your company and project overhead for a smarter bid
  • Why properly mapped out weekly cash flow will save you from penalties and conflict

You can also access the video and a full transcript on Levelset’s website.

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