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Contract-based and Purchase Order financing solutions

Help your commercial construction or manufacturing clients expand to new locations, hire additional staff, purchase inventory or equipment, and plan sustainable growth.

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  • Competitive commission

Our loan program is designed for your clients and you

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Put our funding solutions to work for you and your clients, so that they can better manage their projects and improve their cash flow.

Commercial construction and manufacturing funding is what we do, and we designed our unique platform as another option to factoring and merchant cash advance/daily debits. After all, our collateral is the client’s contract, allowing them up to borrow up to 20% of the total contract value so that they can cover the early project costs, like materials, labor/payroll, bond premiums, and some equipment. If you have a client in commercial construction or manufacturing who has been in business for at least a year and is looking for short-term funding for their project, get in touch by completing the form below. If your client converts, we’ll pay you a competitive commission.

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We value your referrals, and your trust

When you refer a client to us, you are trusting us to treat them with the same professional courtesy and expertise that you would. We take that commitment seriously. We value our referrals, and we reward it with our diligent service (and a competitive commission for you).

We know that the relationship you have with your client is extremely important. We strive to create and maintain mutually advantageous relationships with our referral sources. We always are careful to protect your clients and deals.

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