The Construction MF'er Podcast

To survive and thrive in construction, sometimes you have to be a real MF'er.

MF'ers do what's right, pay it forward, lead through action, and get the job done.

What did YOU think we meant by MF'ers?

In The Real MF'ers podcast, Mobilization Funding CEO Scott Peper sits down with construction leaders to learn what they are doing differently and why it works. With a focus on communication, culture, and collaboration, The Real MF'ers podcast tackles issues like labor, mental health, diversity, and growth with purpose.

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The Construction MF'ers Podcast Episodes

Hey MF'ers! It's been an amazing first season. In this mini-episode, Scott and Autumn discuss their favorite episodes, Mobilization Funding's new Do Your Part mission, their free Cash Flow Calculator, and what YOU can look forward to in Season 2!

The construction industry has been notoriously slow to change. Benjamin Holmgren, Chief Customer Officer at BuildWitt, is ready to change that. He and the BuildWitt crew are shaking up the industry with training, recruiting, and marketing services that focus on empowerment and excellence. In today's episode, we're talking about how to create an employee flywheel, dad jokes, and why recruiting the next generation is all about storytelling.

Alex Kraft's company Heave is changing the way contractors find the equipment they need. In this episode of The Real MF'ers, Alex talks to Scott and Autumn about technology, leadership, basketball, and what it means to build your brand on value in the construction industry.

Robyn Donaldson is an incredible force for positive change in the construction industry. In this episode of The Real MF'ers, Scott and Autumn sit down with Robyn to talk about her experiences in the construction industry, finding her niche and competing with the "big" guys, and how we can inspire kids coming up through high school and even grade school to consider skilled trades and other career paths in construction.

In this episode of The Real MF'ers, we sit down with Seth Fargher, owner of Construction Video Pros.

We're going to talk about digital marketing, parenting, blowing shit up, and the power of storytelling to solve some of the construction industry's toughest challenges.

When you focus on the finish line, it's easy to miss your next step.

Kalvin Weathersby, Owner and President of  Power Civil Construction Services, sat down with The Real MF'ers team to talk about how he has achieved his success by breaking down big goals into actionable tasks, learning from his mistakes, and taking life one day at a time.

In this episode of The Real MF'ers, Scott Peper sits down with Matt Vetter, VP of Schafer Construction. Matt shares how his approach to team building focuses on core values and extends beyond his team to all of the trade partners on a construction project.

Andrew Ammons is the founder and president of ACR Roofing, an incredibly successful commercial roofing company located in Texas. Andrew shared a secret with us during this episode: He isn’t super passionate about roofing.

What he IS crazy passionate about is building processes that work and building up people to perform at their best and achieve their goals.

In this episode of The Real MF'ers, Andrew shares how that passion led him to start several successful businesses and create the One Tribe Weekly, a movement that is changing lives and the world one week at a time!

The construction industry has the 2nd highest rate of suicide in the U.S. Globally, the numbers aren't much better. Construction is a tough job for a lot of reasons: time spent away from family, seasonal wage fluctuations, physical injuries, substance abuse, and a "suck it up" culture that can silence any cries for help.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

In this special episode of The Real MF'ers, Randy Thompson from LivingWorks joins Scott Peper to share a message of hope for the entire industry. To shift the culture of the industry, all it takes is business owners and leaders (like YOU!) to start talking about the importance of mental health and suicide prevention.

In this episode of The Real MF'ers, Scott Peper sits down with Garrett Moss, owner and president of Moss Utilities. Garrett and Scott talk about the culture of construction, building your business by putting your team first, and why clean trucks are about more than "showing off."

Our friends at Levelset conducted a Women in Construction survey and the results revealed a fascinating and complex landscape of challenges AND opportunity for women in the industry.

Marketing Director Autumn Sullivan sat down with Laura Gross, Membership Director of ABC Florida Gulf Coast, and Lori Drake,  Community Manager for Payment Professionals at Levelset, to discuss the data and their own experiences.

Only 13% of construction businesses are owned by women. Earthbound Construction is one of the fastest growing female-owned enterprises in the Southeast. It's easy to see why. Owner Michelle Bonam has cultivated a team of seasoned construction veterans bringing over 50 years of expertise to every project and built a culture of high standards and superior performance.

If there is one word Camell Williams wants you to get out of this episode of The Real MF'ers, it is DISCIPLINE. Camell, the CEO & Founder of Prime Electrical Services, sat down with Scott Peper to share his journey from student to contractor to business owner, and why he is still a student of the craft.

If you are a construction business owner or a contractor who wants to be a business owner, Camell's wisdom and stories can save you years of headaches. Camell believes in investing in his team, that business IS personal, and that the best thing you can do for your own success is be humble about what you do know and what you don't.

In this episode of The Real MF'ers, Scott Peper interviews Founder and President of Alphapex, Charles Covey. They talk about everything— growing your construction business, core values, marketing, unicorns, and Whack-a-mole.

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