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A step-by-step guide to using our Project Cash Flow Tracker template.

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There is more to success than making  money. Success should fulfill you and your team's sense of purpose.

Discover how growth with PURPOSE can help you:

  • Generate more business
  • Improve corporate culture
  • Give you a greater sense of fulfillment and pride at the end of the day

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The Cash Flow Tracker helps you spot and solve cash flow gaps on a project before they happen.

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Merchant Cash Advances, or MCAs, are a "quick cash" funding option. The thing is, what feels quick and easy can quickly turn into a real nightmare.

MCAs are not a loan, and here's why that matters:

  • Just applying can damage your personal credit
  • The fees can be SAVAGE
  • Missing just one payment can start an avalanche of trouble

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All of our best cash flow content compiled in one easy-to-read paperback book.

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Understanding the difference between margin and markup can strengthen your bidding process and result in more profit and less risk.

This simple guide includes:

  • Formulas for determining margin and markup
  • Why getting these two right matters to your bottom line
  • 3 bonus bidding tips

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