It's time to rebuild construction.

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The construction industry was once an industry of PRIDE and PERFORMANCE. Making a career in the trades fed families, provided financial stability, and last but certainly not least, built the country we all love and share.

Over time, we in the industry allowed outside forces and internal conflict to re-shape the image of construction. A dead-end job, a culture filled with conflict, a "dog eat dog" mentality, or somewhere you have to go if you can’t get into college.

None of those sentiments are or were ever true. It's time to change all that. And it starts with each one of us doing our own small part.

You can do YOUR part by signing the Do Your Part pledge below.

We're rebuilding the construction industry through better communication, greater collaboration, and a mindset of shared success.

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Take the Do Your Part pledge.

I hereby pledge to help rebuild the construction industry’s culture and self-image. It starts with me and my own company. As part of the DO YOUR PART movement, I am committed to:

My actions, every day, big and small, will decide the impact I have on the construction industry. I will expect my team and myself to do the right thing, even when it challenges us.

I will come to every conversation with fresh eyes focused on solutions. I will communicate transparently and listen with empathy.

I am committed to showing up every day with PURPOSE and PASSION.

When I see a problem, it is my job to step up and own the solution. That doesn’t mean I have to do it all alone. I know that asking for help when I need it is a sign of confidence, and the mark of a true leader.

I will proactively look for solutions to challenges big and small that hold back my industry, my project, or my company.

I am committed to serving as a role model of what a leader in construction should be.

My own financial success is not the finish line; it is only a milestone. I will leverage my success as a catalyst for change.

My energy will be the fuel for positive impact and change for others. I will help create an industry worth passing down to the next generation.

I am committed to making the industry one of PRIDE and PERFORMANCE.

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