Insurance Policy Tips For Commercial Construction Businesses

The world of insurance can be confusing, especially for commercial construction business owners who need coverage for their commercial contracting companies.

The challenge is buying the right insurance so that your company is adequately protected and still within its operating budget. Insurance expert, Beckie Ervin of Ervin Insurance Concepts, recently spoke with Mobilization Funding to point out common, avoidable mistakes that can save you money and better protect your business.


Simple Steps to Prevent Your Construction Business from Being Hacked

If you own a construction company, you might feel pretty safe from hackers. Your company may not have a website, physical office location or a big staff. But unless you operate on a paper-only basis, you could be susceptible to hackers who want to exploit information and steal dollars from you, your company, employees, and clients.


Margin vs. Markup: What You Need to Know When Bidding on Commercial Construction Projects

How does your business calculate the right bid for a job? Do you sort out the job cost and then increase it by a third? Do you use the “10 and 10” method, adding a 10 percent overhead and 10 percent profit? Are you able to differentiate between margin vs. markup? When is the last time you double checked those figures?

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5 Reasons You’re Not Landing the Big Construction Jobs

Commercial construction bidding can be a stressful and frustrating process. It takes time, energy, and doesn’t always pan out in your favor. But, sitting out the race also means turning your back on tremendous growth opportunities. Here are some common mistakes contractors should avoid when bidding on new projects.

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Seeking a Commercial Construction Loan? Start Here.

Construction projects are capital-intensive and, unlike the way in which many goods and services in the United States are bought or sold, the company undertaking the work delivers on the product before billing and months before receiving payment for its services. Due to the nature of the business model, as well as to the Great Recession of 2009, many commercial contractors have had a hard time securing a bank line of credit or other traditional means of funding.

When seeking a commercial contracting loan, you should consider the following factors in deciding which loan to pursue:


Advancements in Construction Safety

Construction can be a dangerous career. Thousands of people are injured every year, a result of many factors like careless drivers, poor training, or inadequate safety policies. But the industry is working hard to correct many of these problems with new technology and best practices.

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