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Purchase Order & Work-in-Progress financing for manufacturers

Manufacturing is an essential part of the American economy, yet many manufacturers find it difficult to secure traditional financing.

It is especially hard to get funding when you need it most … before the work starts.

Manufacturing's cash flow crunch

purchase order with blue pen in the office‏

Every new order comes with upfront costs of labor, materials, supplies, etc., that you have to cover before you send an invoice.

Arbeiterin am Fliessband in der Lebensmittelindustrie - Produktion von Pralinen in einem Werk // Worker on an assembly line in the food industry - Production of pralines in a factory

Traditional lenders often won’t finance manufacturers. How are you supposed to cover those costs?

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Once you complete the work, you still have to wait 30 days after you send an invoice before you see payment.

Two ways to beat the cash flow pinch that comes with new projects


We understand the unique cash flow dynamic that manufacturers work in. That’s why we offer two funding options designed for your industry.

Purchase Order Financing

  1. Funding before the work starts!
  2. Pay for labor, materials, supplies.
  3. We schedule repayment in line with your invoice schedule.

Work-in-Progress Financing

  1. Funding based on partially completed inventory
  2. Get the cash you need to finish strong.
  3. You pay us when you get paid.

Say Yes to new orders without the stress of cash flow shortages. With our easy loan application you can quickly get funded and get to work.

Success starts with cash flow


How much profit is that new project making you, and when will you earn it?

Are you sure about your answers?

Use our Cash Flow Estimator to make sure you’re making the margin you need, when you need it, and (hopefully) with enough left over to make the job profitable.

“You guys totally understand who we are and what our needs are.”

Isaac Duostar, CEO of luxury color cosmetic brand Doucce, saw the opportunity for an e-commerce makeup brand during the coronavirus lockdown. He utilized Mobilization Funding's financial services to capitalize on the opportunity and grow the business when many cosmetic brands' sales were stalled or shrinking.


Cash flow relief in 1-2-3


Give us a call or complete our online application. Don't worry—a member of our team will walk you through the entire application.


Once the contract is executed, we fund your project in a special "lock box" account, keeping your project's cash flow secure.


We help manage the project accounting for you, removing headaches and letting you focus on what matters most, the work.

Work in Progress WIP Factory

Featured Content: What is WIP Financing?

Does your manufacturing or fabricating business need additional funds to cover a cash flow pinch caused by a big order or a slow-paying customer? Work-in-Progress (WIP) financing is an important tool specific to the industry that may overcome these and other common cash flow challenges and better align with your business’s cash flow cycle than other funding options.

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