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The Real MF’ers Episode 2: Camell Williams

If there is one word Camell Williams wants you to get out of this episode, it is DISCIPLINE. Camell is the CEO & Founder of Prime Electrical Services, a commercial electrical contractor located in Apopka, Florida. He sat down with Scott to share his journey from student to contractor to business owner, and why he… Read more »

Built for Growth Episode 2: Women in Construction

Right now, women make up about 9% of the construction workforce. There are huge opportunities for women in construction, either as part of the workforce or as a business owner, but there are also challenges that must be met. In this episode of Built for Growth, Sartura Shuman-Smith, Director of Tampa Bay Works for Women… Read more »

What is a Bid Bond?

What is a bid bond? A bid bond guarantees compensation to the owner should the subcontractor fail to perform the work at the original bid price. Why does the owner need a guarantee for performance and price? Every project has a budget and a timeline. Most owners have other stakeholders in the project to whom… Read more »

Webinar Recap: Cash Flow Crash Course from Start to Finish

Cash flow can make or break the success of your project. Mapping out a project’s cash flow on a week-by-week schedule allows you to see the gaps and solve for them in advance. Getting your project’s cash flow right starts by getting your bid right. Establishing the costs of your project, and the cost of… Read more »

Is Finding a Good Culture Fit Important When Hiring?

How do you determine whether a candidate will be a good fit in your company? Many hiring managers base the decision on skills and experience alone. What these managers do not seem to realize is that a good culture fit is equally, if not even more important. Hiring with your culture in mind can improve… Read more »

The Real MF’ers Episode 1: Part 2: Charles Covey

In THE REAL MF’ERS, Mobilization Funding CEO Scott Peper sits down with leaders from construction, manufacturing, and related service providers to see how they built their business, what they are doing differently, and why it works. This is part 2 of our first episode. Scott interviews Founder and President of Alphapex, Charles Covey. They talk about… Read more »

The Real MF’ers Episode 1: Charles Covey

Leading a successful construction or manufacturing business can be tough. To survive, sometimes you have to be a real MF’er. We get it — we’re real MF’ers, too. MF’ers do what’s right, pay it forward, lead through action, and get the job done. Wait … what did YOU think we meant by MF’ers? 😉 In… Read more »

Built for Growth Episode 1: Diversity in Construction

In our new YouTube series, Built for Growth, we talk with experts about some of the biggest issues facing the construction and manufacturing industries. For our first episode, we were honored to have Loretta Calvin, Diversity & Inclusion expert and CEO of Monroe Strategic Business Solutions, join us to discuss diversity in construction. It is no surprise… Read more »

Core Values Drive Success in Construction

Core Values Blog Hero

The construction industry is built on relationships. Having a background of mutual trust and respect, on top of a history of solid performance, can catapult your company over the competition when it matters most. If you are new to the industry, this is intimidating. You need the jobs to build the relationships, and you need… Read more »

Coronavirus & Construction: Levelset’s Virtual Town Hall

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, the construction industry has found itself wading through murky waters. Are we essential? Is our project on hold? If we are working, how will we keep our team safe? And if we are not, how will we keep our teams paid? It has been a LOT to figure out…. Read more »