Cash Flow Tips for Small Businesses

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, and it is particularly critical for small and mid-size businesses, as these companies often have less free cash flow to help them cover unexpected costs, delays, work shortages, or their growth. Before we talk about good cash flow management and share a few tips to improve cash… Read more »

The Hot Manufacturing Jobs You Should Start Hiring for Now     

While many Americans learned to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, most manufacturing jobs simply could not be done anywhere except on the factory floor. That meant closing their doors until safe protocols for re-opening could be established. Luckily, the shift towards re-opening has spurred an increase in hiring demand. Manufacturing is not only bringing… Read more »

Merchant Cash Advance Versus a Mobilization Loan?

We talk about merchant cash advances a lot. Our clients do too, because so many of them have been burned by these not-quite-a-loan financial products. Taking out a merchant cash advance when your cash flow is pinched can be the “help” that ultimately bankrupts your business. That’s not an exaggeration; there are plenty of MCA… Read more »

The Real MF’ers Episode 2: Camell Williams

If there is one word Camell Williams wants you to get out of this episode, it is DISCIPLINE. Camell is the CEO & Founder of Prime Electrical Services, a commercial electrical contractor located in Apopka, Florida. He sat down with Scott to share his journey from student to contractor to business owner, and why he… Read more »

PO Financing for Manufacturers

PO Financing Blog Hero Image

Purchase Order Financing, or PO Financing, is a type of commercial financing that leverages the purchase order from your customer as collateral for the loan. What Is PO Financing? Purchase Order Financing offers you cash before the work starts, which makes it an attractive option for manufacturers with tight cash flow. PO financing is based… Read more »

Webinar Recap: Becoming Bankable

Manufacturing business owners want to grow and thrive like any business owner, no matter what the future brings. The COVID-19 global pandemic made reaching that goal a lot harder, with supply chain disruptions, operational shifts, and financial consequences all pressing down. The manufacturers who survived the spring and summer of COVID-19 now have to continue… Read more »

Built for Growth Episode 2: Women in Construction

Right now, women make up about 9% of the construction workforce. There are huge opportunities for women in construction, either as part of the workforce or as a business owner, but there are also challenges that must be met. In this episode of Built for Growth, Sartura Shuman-Smith, Director of Tampa Bay Works for Women… Read more »

The Future of Manufacturing in America: What has changed because of COVID?

In the beginning of 2020, the future of manufacturing looked bright. The 4th Industrial Revolution brought innovations that would make manufacturing leaner, smarter, and more transparent. Digital transformation promised more jobs, and the biggest dilemma faced was a widening skills gap and subsequent shortage of talent. Then, coronavirus quickly swept across the globe and industries… Read more »

What is a Bid Bond?

What is a bid bond? A bid bond guarantees compensation to the owner should the subcontractor fail to perform the work at the original bid price. Why does the owner need a guarantee for performance and price? Every project has a budget and a timeline. Most owners have other stakeholders in the project to whom… Read more »

Webinar Recap: The Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing business owners want to grow and thrive like any business owner, no matter what the future brings. The COVID-19 global pandemic has made that a truly legendary feat. Supply chain disruptions, operational shifts, and financial consequences are all pressing down on you, making your goals seem insurmountable. They are not. The truth is manufacturing… Read more »