A black 1968 Mustang Fastback

Do Your Part: Rebuilding Greatness

Posted November 19th, 2021

The construction industry is a lot like an American muscle car.

I want you to picture a classic American muscle car. In fact, let’s all take a minute and appreciate this 1968 Ford Fastback Mustang GT.


The GT was built with purpose. Every mechanical component, every aesthetic choice, every button, knob and light all work together to communicate and fulfill that purpose: POWER.

That car was built to dominate the road, to kick ass and take names.

When you sit behind the wheel of an expertly-designed, expertly-engineered, and expertly-manufactured vehicle — be it a classic American muscle car or a king-of-luxury Bentley, you know this vehicle was built with PURPOSE.

The construction industry used to feel like that. The industry had a PURPOSE and was built to fulfill that purpose. Every second- or third-generation contractor will tell you that their parents used to take pride in being part of the industry that was building America.

Now imagine that same 1968 Mustang sitting in a front yard somewhere. The paint is faded, the upholstery is cracked, and a family of squirrels is living in the engine. This amazing machine, capable of such power and greatness, left to gather rust.

That’s how the construction industry felt for a long time. Dismissed by society as a “lesser” track. Pushed aside in favor of expensive college degrees. Taken over by bad actors.

You know what, though? That Mustang can be a powerful machine again. It just needs to be rebuilt.

Construction IS  an engine of PRIDE and PERFORMANCE.

It just needs to be rebuilt. 

Who is going to rebuild it?


We’ve spent a year defining our Purposes, establishing our Core Values, and building our Work Cultures. (If you’re new here, click any of those links to catch up.)

Now it’s time to take all of that purpose and energy and use it to impact the industry that we love.

Roll up your sleeves. Break out your toolbox. It’s time to get to work.  

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