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4 Signs You Need to Hire an Accountant For Your Commercial Construction Business

Posted August 3rd, 2018

If your company has more than a few employees, your revenue is growing, and you are juggling multiple jobs, it’s probably time to hire your own construction accountant, preferably a Certified Public Accountant. A good accountant often pays for themselves in a relatively short amount of time. After all, finances need to be current and accurate in order for you to stay on top of your accounts and plan for growth.

Hiring an accountant can save you time

Hesitant? Consider how much time you currently spend per week on payroll, sending out checks and keeping your accounts in order. What else could you be doing with that time? And how many times has something slipped through the cracks—like a late payment to a vendor or the IRS? Even once is enough to prove why hiring a CPA is a good idea.

A construction accountant can organize your company’s financial documents

No matter the industry, there are a handful of basic financial records that your company should maintain and pay attention to in order to operate efficiently. These barometers will reveal whether your company is making a profit or operating at a loss.

If you don’t know where your company’s financial information — like monthly accounts payable, accounts receivable, quarterly Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and other standard financial reports — are kept, or if they’re out-of-date or not organized, the right accountant may be your company’s new MVP.

Beyond creating an orderly archive of financial documents, a bookkeeper or CPA can dig into those numbers to identify strategies that can improve your company’s profit margin, eliminate debt, invest in future growth opportunities through strategies like increasing your prices, reducing overhead, or making other changes to your day-to-day operations.

Pay your taxes correctly and on time

Filing and paying taxes in a timely, consistent manner is an unavoidable piece of running a legitimate business. And the risks of incorrectly processing that paperwork are numerous and costly. Failure to do so can result in expensive fees by the IRS, plus automatic draws from your account to repay any unpaid taxes. An accountant will keep you in the IRS’ good graces.

Avoid costly overdraft and other avoidable bank fees

Bank and overdraft fees is not only a slow leak on your company’s bottom line — they’re also a tell-tale sign of financial problems. These fees and the underlying issues causing them (lack of organization, communication problems, etc.) will likely prevent you from qualifying for lines of credit or low-interest loans in the future. If this is a reoccurring issue, consider it a clear sign that you need help managing your cash flow.

An accountant can improve your business growth strategy

Are you passing up on growth opportunities due to a lack of capital? If your business has been approached to take on larger or more lucrative projects but you have turned them down due to financial uncertainty or issues with debt, it is likely time to find a financial expert who can help you to better direct your company to the right track.

How to find the right construction accountant

If you are reading this article, then by now you know it is time to take action. The next step is finding the right person for your business. Here are a few pointers:

1. Research candidates online. There are many websites dedicated to connecting employers and job seekers, such as, or even LinkedIn. Simply enter your qualifications (feel free to compare the requirements of similar businesses) and connect with local applicants.

2. Enlist help from a staffing agency. A temporary staffing agency in your area can place an experienced person with the right qualifications for a temporary amount of time, permanently, or a temp-to-permanent arrangement. While they charge a premium rate, this may be the best option for a business owner who doesn’t have time to weed through applications, order background checks or conduct initial interviews.

3. Reach out to trade associations. Your local chapter of the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) or similar agency like the Construction Financial Management Association may be able to connect you with viable candidates who is familiar the construction industry and would best fit your needs.

The bottom line: Your commercial construction business needs, and you deserve, a financial expert’s help.

You should be doing what you do best: focusing on growing your company and properly completing your jobs on time and on budget. Company owners are often reluctant to let go of finances, but the truth is that construction accountants understand your industry and are trained to look for inefficiencies, find other lending options, and help you to more efficiently run your company. Just remember that as the business owner, you should continue to review your financial position with your accountant on a regular basis.

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