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Construction Management Apps That Streamline Your Business

Posted August 1st, 2017

Are you still walking around a job site with a clipboard and several coffee-stained checklists? Or dealing with fax machines and frantically rushing to the office to print out documents? Good news! The answer to increasing your productivity is right in your pocket.

If you have a smartphone or are willing to invest in one, you can transform your business operations from an organizational nightmare to a well-oiled machine. Developers have created a seemingly endless number of apps and programs designed to make you more productive.

Here are four types of apps and programs we recommend that can help shore up your workflows:

Apps for Equipment Rentals and Tools

Many large companies in the last several years have released their own apps to make it easier for you to use their products or services. United Rentals has a free UR Jobsite app that allows its customers to access their account information and remove or extend their rental terms, or even shop for used equipment they are selling.

Tool manufacturer Dewalt has a handful of apps, including one that will track the tool battery life and another that can handle job site calculations, from stairs landing height to volume conversions.

Even retailers have apps to simplify new tools and equipment purchases. Most national retailers, like Lee’s ToolsHome Depot and Lowes all allow in-app purchasing.

Apps for Document Signing

There are tons of apps for Apple or Android devices that allow you to sign work forms and other documents on the go. Some of the most popular include Doc U Sign, Adobe Fill & Sign and Sign Easy.

Financial and Accounting Apps

Even many smaller credit unions now have apps that allow you to keep tabs on your current accounts. This can help you track whether or not a wire transfer went through, if one of your vendor processed a big check, or if there is any unusual activity on your account.

Does your payroll or accounting company have an app? Many do, and they can make your life much easier. Paychex, for example, has a handful of different mobile platform options, including one allowing employees to punch in and out for the day on an iPad or tablet on the job site.

Intuit also has a payroll on-the-go option that even has a free direct-deposit feature; business owners can review and edit all the payroll information from their phone or tablet and then authorize the direct deposits.

Any contractor knows that keeping on top of invoices is key in keeping the business running smoothly. There are several app options for this, like Invoice2Go or Invoice by Wave, that can help to draft, track and archive invoices to make it easier to manage cash flow.

There are even some smaller apps, like MileWiz. This automatic driving log removes the worry and work of actively recording mileage on your vehicles for tax purposes or driver reimbursements.

It has been about a decade since the first iPhone was released and now over 200 million Americans have smartphones. There are tens of thousands of apps that allow people to do all sorts of things, from accounting to taking current pictures and videos on the job site. Chances are, your competitors have them and are using them to improve efficiency in their own company. Are you?

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