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It’s Time to Do Your Part

Posted January 17th, 2022

It’s time to Do Your Part! If you follow our newsletter (and if you don’t, now is the time!) you know our CEO Scott Peper talks a lot about how the construction industry needs to be rebuilt. The industry that literally built America and continues to build our future has fallen into disrepair.

There are lots of reasons—resistance to change, a cultural shift toward college over trade careers, outdated and toxic work philosophies—but at the end of the day guess who is responsible for letting those things happen?


All of us, those who work in the construction industry and those who serve it, are responsible for letting the rust gather, the tires go flat, the tank to run dry.

And that means it is our responsibility to fix it.

Better than that, it is our opportunity to make it better. Each of us have this moment to look inside ourselves and ask, “What can I do to impact the industry? What is my part?”

That’s why we are launching the DO YOUR PART campaign.

We’re asking everyone—GCs, Subcontractors, Service Partners, Material Suppliers, and anyone else serving the construction industry — to take a pledge to communicate more effectively, operate with integrity, and help us rebuild the industry we all love.

What does it mean to DO YOUR PART?

Glad you asked.

Do Your Part Step Up Blog Image

Show Up

We need to come to every business call, every meeting, every team interaction with our PURPOSE in mind. Look at these interactions with fresh eyes focused on whatever YOUR PART is in fixing the problem.

Lip-service isn’t enough. Your actions, big and small, day after day, are the only thing that will move the needle on the issues that are impacting construction.

  • There’s a massive labor shortage.
  • The supply chain is under pressure.
  • Stress in the industry, from owners to laborers, is incredibly harmful and impacting people’s lives.
  • There’s a perception that the industry is a “dead-end” rather than a road to success.

It’s time to show up for the industry you love to help solve these problems. We no longer have the luxury of waiting for someone else to do it for us.

Step Up

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s time to push ourselves, to stretch beyond our comfort zones. That means doing the right thing even when it is hard. That means being more transparent about your business, its capabilities, its finances, and your expectations.

It means asking for help and it means offering help to others – regardless of where you or your company fit in the industry. It means telling people what you need in order  to get a job done the right way and the way you want to do it. Proactively look to collaborate over conflict with one another – other trades, subs and GCs, owners and developers. Transforming your work culture to improve your team’s mental health and wellbeing.

It means being a role model of what a leader in construction should be.

When there is a problem, it is a leader’s job to step up and own the solution.

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Raise Up

A rising tide lifts all boats is a great saying, but the truth is some boats are already leaking water. Doing your part to restore construction to its former glory means reaching out to help others. Whether that is joining a coalition like the CIASP, working with your local high school to expose kids to trade careers earlier,  or offering business advice to the next generation — doing your part is about more than your own success.

It’s Time to Do Your Part

If you agree it’s time to rebuild the construction industry for good, click here to take the DO YOUR PART pledge and join our mission.