Manufacturing shipping containers stacked at port

Planning for the Present: A Webinar for Manufacturers

Posted July 8th, 2020

The manufacturing industry was uniquely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. For the first time in history the industry’s workforce, product demand, and supply chains were all affected at the same time. One of the greatest challenges was cash flow. Manufacturers, much like construction contractors, often operate on tight profit margins and while PPP loans and other government programs helped, many other sources of financial aid dried up.

Manufacturers had to safeguard their businesses and prepare for the long-term consequences of the pandemic while continuously pivoting in response to short-term situations. Even now, as the country reopens, there are new questions and challenges.

The need for information from expert sources familiar with the manufacturing industry has only grown. That’s why we partnered with Dare Capital to create a 3-part webinar series just for manufacturers, Planning for the Present, Preparing for the Future. 

In this video, our CEO Scott Peper joined Adam Boyd of Dare Capital and Douglas Arthur of Windsor Capital for a discussion of how manufacturers can survive 2020 and prepare for growth in 2021.

Watch the recap below.

Don’t miss the next webinar in the series, The Future of Manufacturing. You can register by clicking here!