Coronavirus Q&A with Levelset Experts

Coronavirus & Construction: Levelset’s Virtual Town Hall

Posted May 19th, 2020

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, the construction industry has found itself wading through murky waters. Are we essential? Is our project on hold? If we are working, how will we keep our team safe? And if we are not, how will we keep our teams paid?

It has been a LOT to figure out. Luckily, many companies that serve the construction industry have rallied to provide clear, accurate information specific to your industry, your challenges, and your opportunities. We partnered with legal, financial, and other experts to produce our Coronavirus Q&A  YouTube series, for example.

Even as the country slowly begins to reopen, there are new questions around construction work. The need for information from expert sources familiar with the construction industry has only grown. When Levelset asked us to join their Coronavirus & Construction Virtual Town Hall, we sent them back an emphatic: WE ARE IN!

Mobilization Funding’s CEO Scott Peper joined Ben House, a construction and commercial litigation attorney in Texas, and Greg Reaume, an attorney with McInerey & Dillon, a construction litigation firm based in Oakland, California.

Listen to the recap to hear their answers to the questions asked by construction business owners just like you!

Questions like:

  • What difficulties or challenges do construction business owners face during COVID-19?
  • Will there be lien period extensions due to all the courts being closed?
  • How can subcontractors do a due diligence check to vet the GCs and owners of their projects?
  • What happens if an employee contracts coronavirus and files Workers Comp?
  • What are the laws concerning workers who had been infected to return to work?
  • How can you protect employees ongoing? Can you ask them to wear masks? Submit to temperature checks?
  • And more!


You can also access the video and a full transcript on Levelset’s website.