Mobilization Funding Success Stories

Mobilization Funding has helped subcontractors, contractors, and manufacturers of all sizes throughout the United States successfully bid on and complete projects. Of our 2017 customer feedback survey respondents, 100% said that their Mobilization Funding loan helped them to meet their business's needs, and would refer our program to others.

Here are a few success stories. Will you be next?

  • MDH JAX, Inc

    An interior construction company specializing in metal framing, insulation and dry wall for a Nursing home.

    Borrowed $100,000 with a 90-day term.

    mdh jacksonville logo

    The funding application process is made very simple. We receive the funding we need for projects in no time.  By using Mobilization Funding we have been able to take on larger projects without the worry of not having enough capital to staff the job properly. Now our company has been setting its eyes on larger projects.”

    “Before using Mobilization Funding we have never used funding for our business so we didn’t know what to expect of the process, but the staff at Mobilization Funding were very helpful every step of the way from start to finish. They were very upfront and informative.”

    “For any other businesses needing capital to fund a job, I would highly recommend using Mobilization Funding to ease the financial stress some projects can bring on a company. The staff there are great to work with and extremely responsive. I honestly get responses to all of our emails from them within minutes.”

  • PAR Development Partners, Inc

    A construction company specializing in drywall installation and building site work.

    Borrowed $100,000 and paid back the loan within 30 days.

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    Mobilization Funding took the time to thoroughly explain the application process to me and answer all of my questions, with the upmost and honest professionalism. This made the application process seamless and efficient. Thank you very much for making this process easy for me.”

    “The funding that I received from Mobilization Funding enabled me to meet time sensitive payroll needs, which allowed me to maintain the needed manpower on our projects.”

    “Their staff was prompt, professional and courteous. They were extremely attentive to my needs and kept the ball rolling, which enabled them to complete the process within the time frame promised. This made me feel like a VIP and very comfortable with doing business with them again, because I know that they have my best interest at heart.”

    “If you are in need of solid funding for you business, please do not hesitate to call on Mobilization Funding. Their highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive staff, will help you get the funding that you need, when you need it.”

  • Ameritribe

    A construction company specializing in abatement and demolition services.

    Borrowed $50,000 for a 60-day term but paid back the loan within 30 days with no penalties.

    ameritribe logo

    At first it seemed like a lot of paperwork but once I understood the flow it became much easier to execute. We were doing a few jobs at the same time but the funding allowed me to double that capacity.”

    “Mobilization Funding was absolutely professional and personal at the same time. They made me comfortable with the process from start to finish.”

    “There is a certain stress factor that comes with seeing an opportunity and not being financially capable of taking advantage of it when the time comes. There is also a certain stress factor when doing anything new, like procuring funding. Since I've experienced both, I can say explicitly that stressing over a lost opportunity ends with a lost opportunity. Stressing over procuring funding ends with having funds and growing the business ... and NOT losing those opportunities.”

  • Keares Electrical Contracting, INC

    A full-service electrical contractor specializing in new construction, service and renovations.

    Borrowed $600,000 with a 120-day term.

    keares electrical contracting logo

    As a company, third-party funding was something that we had never tried before, and seemed overly complicated and burdensome. Then the folks at Mobilization Funding came along and forever changed the way that we looked at funding. Not only did they explain the process in a step-by-step, easy to understand manner, but they also answered all of our questions and addressed every one of our concerns, in a prompt, courteous and professional manner."

    "As a subcontractor in the construction industry, we often find ourselves in need of immediate funding, as payments are usually only received from our clients when work is progressing or complete. Because of these immediate funding variables, we occasionally require infusions of capital so as to meet various project specific material, labor and administrative needs. Mobilization Funding was able to meet all of our working capital needs, even when given short-term notice, and was even willing to work with us when we were thrown the proverbial curve ball."

    "In short, Mobilization Funding has endowed our company with the ability to exceed our wildest financial expectations and undertake projects that required large disbursements of capital upfront, which in turn has propelled our company forward towards excellent profit margins and overall financial success, and for this we are forever grateful."