7 Reasons You’re Not Landing the Big Construction Jobs

Commercial construction bidding can be a stressful and frustrating process. It takes time, energy, and doesn’t always pan out in your favor. But, sitting out the race also means turning your back on tremendous growth opportunities. Here are some common mistakes contractors should avoid when bidding on new projects. You aren’t qualified That doesn’t mean… Read more »

Seeking a Commercial Construction Loan? Start Here.

Construction projects are capital-intensive and, unlike many other industries, the company undertaking the work — that is, the subcontractor — puts in a considerable amount of work before billing and months before receiving payment for its services. Many commercial contractors have a hard time securing traditional funding. Alternatives are available, but how do you decide… Read more »

7 Ways to Win More Government Contracts

construction financing for subcontractors

The government construction contract realm is worth about $270-billion dollars, with a near-guarantee of payment for your work. From public schools to county courthouses, to airports and interstates, government construction contracts can be incredibly lucrative for commercial contractors. But breaking into the public sector can be tough. Here are some tips to help strengthen your… Read more »

Construction Management Apps That Streamline Your Business

A mobile phone displaying an account app screen

Are you still walking around a job site with a clipboard and several coffee-stained checklists? Or dealing with fax machines and frantically rushing to the office to print out documents? Good news! The answer to increasing your productivity is right in your pocket. If you have a smartphone or are willing to invest in one,… Read more »

Advancements in Construction Safety

Construction worker on a scaffold

Construction can be a dangerous career. Thousands of people are injured every year, a result of many factors like careless drivers, poor training, or inadequate safety policies. But the industry is working hard to correct many of these problems with new technology and best practices. Here is a list of new technology and advancements that… Read more »

4 Courses Every Subcontractor Needs to Better Manage and Finance Contracts

Construction worker with safety vest and hard hat

Continuing education is often a requirement for unions or to retain a state contractor’s license. Rather than sitting through the boring tutorial you always drag yourself to, why not mix it up a little and get more value out of your time and money? At Mobilization Funding, we’re always looking for ways to help our… Read more »

How to Find the Right Construction Loan to Grow Your Business

How to find the right loan to grow your construction business

Why would a subcontractor need a construction loan? Managing cash flow and staying above water can be difficult for any business, but the problem is especially prominent in the construction industry. Due to a complex and inefficient payment system, contractors have a nearly impossible task of covering the cost of a job, especially before the… Read more »