Built for Growth Episode 1: Diversity in Construction

In our new YouTube series, Built for Growth, we talk with experts about some of the biggest issues facing the construction and manufacturing industries. For our first episode, we were honored to have Loretta Calvin, Diversity & Inclusion expert and CEO of Monroe Strategic Business Solutions, join us to discuss diversity in construction. It is no surprise… Read more »

What is Construction Financing?

Construction Financing 2 Construction Workers Shaking Hands

Construction funding for contractors helps cover the costs of payroll, materials, insurance and more before the project begins. Many subcontractors, and GCs who self-perform, are caught in a cycle of robbing the cash from one job to get started on the next. Why? It is NOT because most contractors are bad with money. They are… Read more »

Planning for the Present: A Webinar for Manufacturers

Manufacturing shipping containers stacked at port

The manufacturing industry was uniquely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. For the first time in history the industry’s workforce, product demand, and supply chains were all affected at the same time. One of the greatest challenges was cash flow. Manufacturers, much like construction contractors, often operate on tight profit margins and while PPP loans and… Read more »

Your Construction Finance Blueprint

Construction Finance Blueprint with yellow hard hat

This construction finance content was produced in partnership with DARE Capital.  You are having success building your construction business. You have blueprints for jobs, but a financial blueprint for your company? Not so much. If your construction business is growing every year, but … your paycheck seems to stay the same; you always feel like… Read more »

Equipment Financing for Construction Contractors

line of construction machinery of building or mining company

Equipment financing is another powerful tool to help your business grow and succeed. Financing a newer piece of equipment can help you cut costs, avoid delays, and build credit. We sat down with Gerald King, founder of King Commercial Capital, a cash flow solutions brokerage firm that specializes in equipment financing, to learn how equipment… Read more »

Combating COVID-19 Anxiety in the Construction Industry

COVID-19 Anxiety and Construction Industry

The coronavirus has put tremendous pressure on small business construction contractors across the country. Whether their state has deemed construction “essential work” or not, business owners are grappling with tough decisions. Some of these challenges are human — balancing the need to keep a business solvent against the very real pain of letting good people… Read more »

Payroll Tips for Construction Subcontractors

Construction Payroll Tips Image Calculator with Graph Paper

Construction payroll is more complex than payroll in more “traditional” industries. Your payroll can fluctuate when a new project starts, and every week throughout the job right up to its completion. Managing payroll internally is time-consuming, inefficient, and potentially exposes you to mistakes, lost revenue, theft and fraud. Yet, many contracting companies still choose to… Read more »